A note from Marilyn Thomas and Dennis Kerr

      Owners of Nati’s Mexican Restaurant

Dated June 2nd, 2018


With the closing of the restaurant rapidly approaching we reflect back over the many years that we have been a part of the Ocean Beach community.  During that time we have met so many wonderful     people - our customers - that we consider “family”.   The loyalty to Nati’s from the Ocean Beach Community over the past 58 has been amazing and so much appreciated.

Nati’s closing is a time of mixed emotions for all of us.  Recently we have been reminiscing about the past years and the experiences we have had.  Walking through the dining room and seeing a family consisting of 4 generations of loyal Nati’s customers seated  will forever be a fond memory. Our Nati’s family has worked hard over the years to serve the community and make Nati’s the landmark loved by all.

Thank you for letting Nati’s be a part of your family memories. Whether it’s on a t-shirt, in a photograph, or a story told to friends or family, Nati’s will not be forgotten. We want to thank each and every one of you for the years and decades of patronage. Our customers are as much a part of the Nati’s family as we are.


Fondest regards,

Marilyn Thomas and Dennis Kerr